Picnic @ Mogosoaia

As this is a National Holiday aka day off for everyone, what could the people do? I can tell you what me and another few thousands people from Bucharest did: went to Mogosoaia, a nice palace located just near the capital.

It was picnic day organized by the city hall, 32 degrees Celsius outside, so it was crazy! I really liked thefolkloric dances and singing performed by local artists on the stage in the courtyard of the palace.

By the way, the construction is beautiful in a special Romanian architectural style called “brancovenesc” (or Romanian renaissance) ¬†after Cruler of Romanian Country, Constantin Brancoveanu who had build it in 1702. The palace had been destroyed or damaged several times, occupied by revolutionaries in 1821 or nationalised by the comunists in the ’50s, but now has been restored and it represents a touristic attraction for Bucharest. Now the authorities are working on the lawns and the huge park around.

The statues above with no heads are representing the Brancoveanu family which has been decapitated by the sultan of the Otoman Empire for treason. The Romanian Principates used to be under Otoman occupation between the XV and XIX th centuries.

Below, some pictures of the people doing barbecues, playing sports, or just enjoying a great day out. You can also see the big line on the grilled steaks and “mici”