Green nuts – my personal favourite treat

What I love about Romania? Well, one of the things I love most and this dates of course from my wallnuts, or let’s say the core but when the walnuts are still green in the trees.

How you obtain the great thing? You simply take a knife and carve the core out of the walnut peel it and eat it. It’s great!If you don’t have such young fruit, you just take a hammer, like I did, and just break the nut, take out the core thing..and eat!


seasoned with red organic wine made from grapes straight from your own private garden..I would call it a night!

P.S. Most people like the green nuts jam as it is considered a delicacy in Romania. It looks like this and you will find recipes all over the blogosphere..


Wedding Traditions – before the wedding

Starting April, the wedding season in Romania is ON, and it will end only at the end of October…if not even November. As I haver recently participated at 2 weddings myself, let me tell you about Romanian wedding traditions as they are a lot and quite nice.

So it is said that the future groom has to go and ask for the bride’s hand from her parents, and only after their consent he has to buy the ring and propose to her. In our days, this part is skipped and the groom asks directly the girl. If she says yes, then the next step is to find the future spiritual parents, the Godmother and the Godfather.

The young couple traditionally has to go with some gifts to the future spiritual parents to ask them to assume this role in the wedding. If they accept the gift, then they accept to be Godmother and Godfather.

This step is quite difficult as the Godmother and the Godfather have certain financial obligations to the bride and groom and with the difficult economical situation, some may even turn down this role. So basically they have to buy the wedding candles, to pay for the bride’s veil, “turta”(sort of bride’s cake), the religious service, to bring some guests on their behalf to the wedding and to give a bigger gift at the end of the wedding.

Traditionally they are the Godmother and Godfather of bride/groom’s parents, or other relatives and they used to be older people and also richer:)  Nowadays, usually they are good friends of the young couple, with one condition: they have to be married.

After the spiritual parents are found, then it comes the event planning crap as everywhere I guess. In the next post I will write about the wedding day itself.

Perfect combinations – Eggplant salad with tomatoes

Since I was a little kid and eggplants were to be found in my village only during summertime, me and my brother had grown an obsession for this homemade delicious dish. So at 34 degrees (Celsius) usually my mom and probably all the other moms everywhere in Romania used to cook the eggplants on the stove and prepare the eggplant salad with onions. Best served with fresh garden tomatoes on top. I remember we would eat it all in a day: morning, evening, between play times, before going to bed, just anytime!

Now when I can find the frozen or readily prepared I just eat but still wait for the summer to have local produce and to cook it myself. The ingredients are just eggplants, sunflower oil and onion.

Check out the recipe …

somewhat explained, it actually misses the part on how to chop the cooked eggplants with this wooden instrument:

from here (

You will see in this blog that most of what Romanians use as ingredients for cooking is coming straight from the garden/local farms, and the recipes are extremely simple.

P.S. A lot of people add mayo to this recipe, but I just find it healthier like this.

1st pic from here (

When you go out in Bucharest

Well, this is not a good thing, but a good thing to know:) It just keep happening, no matter the day of the week, when I go out in a pub/restaurant/lounge whatever even if all the place is empty, the waiters will say that they are fully booked. Even if they find you a table it is always the one in the corner, the one smaller where you have to squeeze to fit in. And I am wondering why is that?

On a Thursday evening, around 7, I went to an Irish pub and it was evidently empty. We sat at a table for 3 but then 3 more people came and we had to switch. Guess what, they gave us a table for four but with 6 chairs while the rest of the pub, for at least 2 hours was empty!

Same place, with reservation on a Friday evening gave us a table somewhere in the back saying that others are reserving specific tables. Come on, it’s a bar!

Another place, this time a lounge/club whatever, we went there at 8 and of course as a club it was empty, as the people were coming from 11-12. The funny thing was that at 1st we made reservations for 4 as we didn’t know who was coming. Then we switched to a 6 and eventually we should have been 8, but the guy told us he gave the last table and we could just squeeze somehow 6. Of course it was a lie, we went only 6 people and we had a regular 6 table. Again all the other tables were free…

So I am just wondering, is this happening to you too, or it’s just Bucharest and pub owners are crazy?

Picture from here

Romanian cheese

There’s nothing like fresh Romanian cheese…the secret is that my country is not so developed as to have everything automatised so..we eat great healthy food coming straight from the country side. The people actually breed cows, sheeps, goats and they make their own cheese which they sell in the markets.

The main types are:

cas (with the s pronounced sh) which usually has just a little salt or none. This is very fresh, you can find it in the markets only during the summer and it looks like this:

And here’s how to make it at home:

or the real thing in a sheepfold

If I would compare it with something I would say mozarella, but I like it more salty.


The most common cheese of Romania which is always salty. Made from cow milk or sheep, it is not missing from any food store. In terms of quality, Romanians like more the sheep one which has more fat and is creamier. The most known area for this cheese is Sibiu, so basically every vendor in the market put’s the tag: “telemea de Sibiu”. Yeah, you don’t have to believe them:)

This one is straight from the shepfold and they actually have a blog where they sell fresh products in Brasov

burduf cheese (bellows)

I cannot quite explain what is like: you definetely have to taste this with some red onion:) It’s very salty and pungent (I’m not sure if this word is correct).

variety in sheep belly

how it’s made the cheese in fir tree bark

Smoked yellow cheese from somwhere in the mountains…doesn’t really matter where because this cheese from the mountains is just worth a world fame!