Romania’s countryside

I keep telling myself to post more often on this blog but the time is so short….

Finally, as the sun is shining again and spring is here, I feel like sharing with the world all the beautiful places from Romania.

Today I ran into some old photos from my parents house, my husbands grandparents, roadside from Tulcea area, Rm Valcea area, Apuseni, Prahova, etc. It doesn’t really matter the place, it’s just the feeling you will experience once you get yourself  a car and start driving throughout my country.

It’s just…picturesque! and smells like holiday too:)

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First Subway in Romania

And I mean the fast food chain:) not the actual transportation train. When I saw the line in front of the Subway last evening, I said I had to write about this  for sure. This will make you understand how Romanians feel about anything from the “west”. So here if Zara is opening, it’s a line, if a supermarket is opening, we have a line, same for a new mall, H&M, IMAX, McDonalds, etc.

So yes, Romanians are shopping& brand fanatics, and a lot of us will say that they will love to emigrate, that all the international brands are better than Romanian ones, and that the perfumes that are sold in Romania (no matter they are in Sephora stores for example) are fake! Yeap, we are a little more paranoid than everybody thought. But come on, I didn’t think that some sandwiches can make someone stay 1 hour or more in the line when there were in less than 100 m McDonalds, Springtime and other fast foods.

So we were in the area and wanted to see how it looks like maybe grab a Sub sandwich,  for the first time in Romania. But as we were aproaching we saw this huge line in the street, and went back to Springtime where I must say it was full. This fast food has been on a downward slope for years now, but just for the day, I’m sure they got a lot of attention especially from the wannabe clients of Subway:)

So I’m really curious, was it worth it? Anybody would wait 1 hour for a sandwich?

here is a small video, pic from here

The thing in the Romanian kitchen – BORS

Wheat bran, cornstarch,cherry leafs and lovage all prepared after an old recipe come together in the most appreciated ingredient in the Romanian cuisine. I don’t think there is a word in English for it, as it’s a local product, so this is the Romanian BORS.

What is actually? Some sour liquid that we put in all of our soups (except chicken noodle or dumpling soup). This is probably the main reason the cream soups are not so popular in Romania. We like our sour soups that you will never see anywhere else. So definetely if you come visit Romania, you need to try our local bors soup.

Here are some samples of bors


ready made


And the final product