This is not an advertising site, a spectacular or unrealistc. It is just my country seen through my eyes. And I will try to post the core of the Romanian life, the real thing you would like to experience once arrived in Romania.

I hope yo enjoy your journey


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog! I’m a german girl, and make a gap year in Romania and your blog is really helpful to get more knowledge about this country. Multumesc mult!

  2. Hello Lavy,
    really love your blog. I was looking for a reciep for Bors and found your page. Now I stuck on it 🙂
    My husband comes from Constanta and so I am very interested in traditions and I agree…Romania is a wonderful country!
    Ingrid, Germany

    • Hi.thanks! I don’t know how to make it because here it is a product sild in supermarkets, markets, and they made it even in powder ( brands like knorr and maggi, or even private label365 in delhaize). I guess you can buy it and transport it to germany because it lasts at least a month the fresh one and a lot more the powder. However if you want to make it yourself, i can probably translate a recipe for you. let me know on email: rofashionblog@yahoo.com

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