When you go out in Bucharest

Well, this is not a good thing, but a good thing to know:) It just keep happening, no matter the day of the week, when I go out in a pub/restaurant/lounge whatever even if all the place is empty, the waiters will say that they are fully booked. Even if they find you a table it is always the one in the corner, the one smaller where you have to squeeze to fit in. And I am wondering why is that?

On a Thursday evening, around 7, I went to an Irish pub and it was evidently empty. We sat at a table for 3 but then 3 more people came and we had to switch. Guess what, they gave us a table for four but with 6 chairs while the rest of the pub, for at least 2 hours was empty!

Same place, with reservation on a Friday evening gave us a table somewhere in the back saying that others are reserving specific tables. Come on, it’s a bar!

Another place, this time a lounge/club whatever, we went there at 8 and of course as a club it was empty, as the people were coming from 11-12. The funny thing was that at 1st we made reservations for 4 as we didn’t know who was coming. Then we switched to a 6 and eventually we should have been 8, but the guy told us he gave the last table and we could just squeeze somehow 6. Of course it was a lie, we went only 6 people and we had a regular 6 table. Again all the other tables were free…

So I am just wondering, is this happening to you too, or it’s just Bucharest and pub owners are crazy?

Picture from here

The cheapest thing in Romania

Talking on the phone! I always wanted to write something about this or to tell to the world that the telephone companies are really stealing the money from them with subscription of 40 euros in France for example…

Why I am saying this? Because some years ago when I travelled to US, I was shocked of the prices for the phone conversations and how people actually still used the home phones, voicemail, public booths and especially how they paid even WHEN THEY RECEIVED THE CALL!

I can’t imagine why somebody would spend even $20 for some phone subscription, maybe if I had a company, then maybe I needed some upgraded service, but for me… Here in Romania with 5 euros you can get a prepaid sim and you can have….check out below an offer from Cosmote (a Greek mobile services provider):

I don’t get it why a prepaid is cheaper than a plan for 1, 2 years, but still there are a lot of offers for this kind also. For example what I have now for 8 euros from Vodafone is: internet (82000 kb, whatever this means), 30 min bonus in Vodafone, 800 min /sms in Vodafone, 60 min/sms in other national networks and 1000 international minutes to fixed phones (limited to 6 months).

Another example is from Orange, my old number which I had 700 minutes in Orange and 180 in national networks for 9 euros.

Here is something from Vodafone UK:

Of course in Uk there are bigger costs for the companies and this reflects in the price, but again this comes as one of our advantages here in Romania where (yes, we have electricity) we talk and talk for minimum prices. YEY!

When it snows in Romania

Well, being a central or let’s say a more south eastern European country, Romania has a 4 seasons climate and the seasons are really tough. Meaning in winter is very cold,  in summer is very hot, and in spring and autumn it rains heavily.

Now even in here we didn’t have a winter like this since 1954, when my father was born:) Probably you’ve seen this on TV already, but I really think it’s a representative fact for Romania, if you ever want to visit, you have to be prepared.

Pictures below are representing a village (in the fields) about 2 and a half weeks ago. At that time all over the country it snowed so much that the national roads were blocked, schools were closed, people died stucked in the snow or remained with no electricity or food.

But what I really thought it was amazing that after 2 weeks of no snow, in this village the snow is still untill the rooftops and fences. And I must say that this wasn’t a village that was so affected, I mean there were much worse cases. But still, check out the snow…

More photos of my beloved village on this blog

How about a Romanian thoughts over the smallest things in Romania

I recently discovered a blog of Sam, titled as the King of Romania, and I said, wow, somebody actually made a book about what I want to write in this blog! And he is selling it on Amazon, in US, has versions for kindle, pdf, etc. And I was like: no, this doesn’t sound like somebody with Romanian pathology:)

And he’s not, he’s an American. Well, great, Sam! And this is actually good cause I want to write about the insider Romanian thoughts behaviour and life here in my country. Maybe after a while I will also read the book, but I’m sure that it will be something different.

Some thoughts

If you would ask any Romanian about his/her country, he/she would tell you that it sucks! The people aren’t civilised enough, corruption rules in politics, small wages everywere, gipsies and so on. Well, I would like to look at the full part of the glass.

Everything is relative so I think it is time to expose all the good staff in Romania. We have smart people, wealthy country, beautiful landscapes, wildlife is great, multiple posibilities of choice. Once an American asked me if we have electricity in Romania! Now I really feel that this blog will help the poor guys outthere to actually find out that we are not a third world country, don’t have terrorism, we have internet and is still not convinced, they could come visit!