Europa League Final 2012

Live from Bucharest! Everybody here experienced wonderful moments from the stadium or just from the city center. It was quite a night and even though we didn’t have any Romanian playing, we were super excited to host the big match. I must say that the schools were closed and the people took out their Tvs and made barbeques in front of the blocks:)

I had spies on the stadium and I went also to check out the spirits in Piata Constitutiei (Bilbao fanzone).

Below some picturs from the arena. I will follow up with some more pics from the city streets.

First Subway in Romania

And I mean the fast food chain:) not the actual transportation train. When I saw the line in front of the Subway last evening, I said I had to write about this  for sure. This will make you understand how Romanians feel about anything from the “west”. So here if Zara is opening, it’s a line, if a supermarket is opening, we have a line, same for a new mall, H&M, IMAX, McDonalds, etc.

So yes, Romanians are shopping& brand fanatics, and a lot of us will say that they will love to emigrate, that all the international brands are better than Romanian ones, and that the perfumes that are sold in Romania (no matter they are in Sephora stores for example) are fake! Yeap, we are a little more paranoid than everybody thought. But come on, I didn’t think that some sandwiches can make someone stay 1 hour or more in the line when there were in less than 100 m McDonalds, Springtime and other fast foods.

So we were in the area and wanted to see how it looks like maybe grab a Sub sandwich,  for the first time in Romania. But as we were aproaching we saw this huge line in the street, and went back to Springtime where I must say it was full. This fast food has been on a downward slope for years now, but just for the day, I’m sure they got a lot of attention especially from the wannabe clients of Subway:)

So I’m really curious, was it worth it? Anybody would wait 1 hour for a sandwich?

here is a small video, pic from here

Europa League final in Bucharest

For the 1st time in Romania I think, at least for as long as I can remeber, we are finally hosting a big international football event. Yey!!! because Romanians are football fanatics and it was about time this country was on the European football map.

I am talking about the Europa League final on May 9th. Thank God for this event that we have built a great stadium, National Arena. It is funny that only now we got a true modern stadium, but I am glad that this one lead to other beautiful constructions in Cluj and Ploiesti.

I have visited the stadium last summer on August 6th at the Open gates day&night so here are some picures made then. I must say that people were so enthusiastic about the opening, that there were around 100.000 visitors and they were coming also from province areas in a trip to Bucharest especially for the event.


Sunset in Bucharest

I am not a professional photographer but yet reality is not like photoshop pictures…so here’s how I see the city from my balcony…communists blocks ahead, construction materials prepared to reabilitate some of them and of course some cranes in the distance. The city is continuously changing, and we have more and more modern places to live in…too bad they’re not in the center, but in villages near Bucharest the developpers call “10 min drive from the city center”:)

Meanwhile the beautiful buildings in the city are left to self destruction..well, it is too expensive to reconstruct..

here is a forum with lots of old great decay buildings

Another extremely interesting blog about old Bucharest, history, people, exquisite architecture

But here I am, in a communist neighbourhood where only the blocks are decaying..