Rosia Montana

I’ve been there few years back, but I still feel like it was yesterday. The famous and infamous Rosia Montana, is the most wanted site in Romania, our gold mine and ecological catasrophe. There were so many disputes on this land and you would see it as a war zone, but when you get there, it’s so peaceful and quiet and the scenery is so great.

I liked it a lot! The village is very small and most of it is in ruine, but you can go to the big lake at the end of the village and visit the Roman gold galleries. 2000 years ago Romans were exploiting our gold and the mines are still standing nowadays. There is a huge history behind this activity and people’s only work for centuries. Now the mines are closed but the guide explained: most of the easy gold was taken and now even if we do have a considerable amount in the mountain, it is disipated and in order to extract it, it would destroy the mountain. So is it worth it?

If you go to Apuseni mountains you will find the obvious answer…

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3 thoughts on “Rosia Montana

  1. Excited about an upcoming trip to Romania in search of traditional crafts and legends.

    Do you know anyone who still makes the traditional wool (?) strings for the martisor? I understand that they do in rural areas of Moldova. Looking for someone who makes simple ones. Not commercial or mass produced.

    Thank you for so much for your wonderful information. I’m enjoying all your entries.

    Appreciate your help and insight.

    Miriam Dunlap

    • Hi! I’m glad you find the info useful, however I stopped writing a while ago..:(
      I am from Moldavia but I really don’t know anyone who makes the string for martisor. We have this tradition but the strings on handmade martisoare is really coming from China I think.

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