Easter – the Ceremony

If a Romanian will go to the church, besides his baptism and marriage, it will most probably be on the Resurrection ceremony on Easter night. I don’t know why, but everybody is so atracted by this event. Kids are coming because it’s way beyond their bed time, teenagers are joining and after they go clubbing, old people just believe in God, others meet with friends and family.

Anyway, everybody’s up and out during that night and I always like to think that for a few minutes we take a break from all the daily stress and stupid thoughts and meditate on the important things in life.

The custom is that the ceremony is held outside and at midninght when it starts, after the church bell rings, the priests are coming out with the holly light from Jerusalem. Then, everybody lightens their candles and they have to take this light home. Most of the time it is a big challenge as in April the weather is capricious, just this year we had rains and wind, so we just kept taking the light from other people in the street, or putting the candles under the coats:) to get the mission done.

All the homes and the cemeteries have to have the candles lit on Easter Day.

Here’s some picture from this year we were in Roman, in Moldova region, at a superb diocese in town.


P.S. the 1st picture is an icon that is more than 100 years old, and it was received as wedding gift by the grandmother of my sister in law.


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