Where to spend Easter in Romania

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Romania and I think in the Orthodox Church in general and it’s related to a lot of traditions.

If you want to experience  true Romanian Easter, at least the Resurrection ceremony, you have to do it in a Moldavian monastery. We have so many and they are all so beautiful that you will definetely be impressed, no matter which one you’ll choose.

And don’t worry, they are a lot, no exageration, I only went once in a trip and visited over 20 monasteries, only the most important ones here: Manastirea Varatec – Manastirea Agapia  – Manastirea Neamt – Manastirea Secu – Manastirea Sihastria – Manastirea Voronet – Manastirea Humor- Manastirea Arbore – Manastirea Putna – Manastirea Sucevita – Manastirea Moldovita.


Anyway, there are many websites with photos and tourist info regarding the monasteries, but what I want to show you hopefully in my next post will be a traditional Easter family celebration with real people, real food and places.

1st pic from here, usefull webiste: http://www.romanianmonasteries.org/bucovina/all-bucovina-monasteries


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