When you go out in Bucharest

Well, this is not a good thing, but a good thing to know:) It just keep happening, no matter the day of the week, when I go out in a pub/restaurant/lounge whatever even if all the place is empty, the waiters will say that they are fully booked. Even if they find you a table it is always the one in the corner, the one smaller where you have to squeeze to fit in. And I am wondering why is that?

On a Thursday evening, around 7, I went to an Irish pub and it was evidently empty. We sat at a table for 3 but then 3 more people came and we had to switch. Guess what, they gave us a table for four but with 6 chairs while the rest of the pub, for at least 2 hours was empty!

Same place, with reservation on a Friday evening gave us a table somewhere in the back saying that others are reserving specific tables. Come on, it’s a bar!

Another place, this time a lounge/club whatever, we went there at 8 and of course as a club it was empty, as the people were coming from 11-12. The funny thing was that at 1st we made reservations for 4 as we didn’t know who was coming. Then we switched to a 6 and eventually we should have been 8, but the guy told us he gave the last table and we could just squeeze somehow 6. Of course it was a lie, we went only 6 people and we had a regular 6 table. Again all the other tables were free…

So I am just wondering, is this happening to you too, or it’s just Bucharest and pub owners are crazy?

Picture from here


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