The cheapest thing in Romania

Talking on the phone! I always wanted to write something about this or to tell to the world that the telephone companies are really stealing the money from them with subscription of 40 euros in France for example…

Why I am saying this? Because some years ago when I travelled to US, I was shocked of the prices for the phone conversations and how people actually still used the home phones, voicemail, public booths and especially how they paid even WHEN THEY RECEIVED THE CALL!

I can’t imagine why somebody would spend even $20 for some phone subscription, maybe if I had a company, then maybe I needed some upgraded service, but for me… Here in Romania with 5 euros you can get a prepaid sim and you can have….check out below an offer from Cosmote (a Greek mobile services provider):

I don’t get it why a prepaid is cheaper than a plan for 1, 2 years, but still there are a lot of offers for this kind also. For example what I have now for 8 euros from Vodafone is: internet (82000 kb, whatever this means), 30 min bonus in Vodafone, 800 min /sms in Vodafone, 60 min/sms in other national networks and 1000 international minutes to fixed phones (limited to 6 months).

Another example is from Orange, my old number which I had 700 minutes in Orange and 180 in national networks for 9 euros.

Here is something from Vodafone UK:

Of course in Uk there are bigger costs for the companies and this reflects in the price, but again this comes as one of our advantages here in Romania where (yes, we have electricity) we talk and talk for minimum prices. YEY!


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