Spring Traditions: Martisor

To mark the begining of the spring and warm weather, the nature’s coming back to life, in Romania there are a lot of traditions that are still being followed in our days. For example, it’s an 800 years old custom that on March 1st to offer a small trinket called “martisor” to women or in some regions to men:) This is always associated with a red&white cord that simbolize love& purity.

An old legend says that the cord is a young’s man blood in the snow after he died saving the Sun from a bad dragon that locked him in a basement. The legends are also related to the 4 seasons, summer, autumn, winter in which the hero travelled to find the dragon and the spring, when he slayered the dragon, set free the sun. The white can also represent the snowdrop, which is the herald of the spring.

It’s really a big celebration in Romania, we have a lot of fairs around 1st and 8th of March and a lot of artisans come to sell their hand made products. A trinket can be made from textile, fimo, dried flowers, metal, can be a jewell, a broche but it has to have the red&white cord. Young women asks the boys to tie the cord around their arms and they wear it as a bracelet  12 days for good luck. After, they hang it in a tree in bloom. It is said that the tree will sure give  a good harvest that year.

The actual trinkets with the red&white cord are usually wore as broches in the first days of March fore happiness and god luck. Some of the traditional lucky “martisoare” are: the clover, the chimney sweeper and the horseshoe


Check out some pictures of the “martisoare”, there a re a lot of  blogs which are selling






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