When it snows in Romania

Well, being a central or let’s say a more south eastern European country, Romania has a 4 seasons climate and the seasons are really tough. Meaning in winter is very cold,  in summer is very hot, and in spring and autumn it rains heavily.

Now even in here we didn’t have a winter like this since 1954, when my father was born:) Probably you’ve seen this on TV already, but I really think it’s a representative fact for Romania, if you ever want to visit, you have to be prepared.

Pictures below are representing a village (in the fields) about 2 and a half weeks ago. At that time all over the country it snowed so much that the national roads were blocked, schools were closed, people died stucked in the snow or remained with no electricity or food.

But what I really thought it was amazing that after 2 weeks of no snow, in this village the snow is still untill the rooftops and fences. And I must say that this wasn’t a village that was so affected, I mean there were much worse cases. But still, check out the snow…

More photos of my beloved village on this blog


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