Romanian cheese

There’s nothing like fresh Romanian cheese…the secret is that my country is not so developed as to have everything automatised so..we eat great healthy food coming straight from the country side. The people actually breed cows, sheeps, goats and they make their own cheese which they sell in the markets.

The main types are:

cas (with the s pronounced sh) which usually has just a little salt or none. This is very fresh, you can find it in the markets only during the summer and it looks like this:

And here’s how to make it at home:

or the real thing in a sheepfold

If I would compare it with something I would say mozarella, but I like it more salty.


The most common cheese of Romania which is always salty. Made from cow milk or sheep, it is not missing from any food store. In terms of quality, Romanians like more the sheep one which has more fat and is creamier. The most known area for this cheese is Sibiu, so basically every vendor in the market put’s the tag: “telemea de Sibiu”. Yeah, you don’t have to believe them:)

This one is straight from the shepfold and they actually have a blog where they sell fresh products in Brasov

burduf cheese (bellows)

I cannot quite explain what is like: you definetely have to taste this with some red onion:) It’s very salty and pungent (I’m not sure if this word is correct).

variety in sheep belly

how it’s made the cheese in fir tree bark

Smoked yellow cheese from somwhere in the mountains…doesn’t really matter where because this cheese from the mountains is just worth a world fame!


6 thoughts on “Romanian cheese

  1. I am an American living in Romania, and Yes! The cheese! Absolute artistry. I especially love urda, and burduf, and the snow white cow’s milk feta, nice and salty. And what to say of smantana? I am a vegetarian, and Romanian food is heaving for me.

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  3. Ai uitat urda 😀 THE most delicious. Insa remarca cu vanzatorii care incearca sa isi puna cu totii eticheta “de Sibiu” ar putea face orice strain sa inteleaga ca noi suntem necinstiti cu totii si nu poti avea incredere intr-o marca sau eticheta romaneasca…. think about it…

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