The thing in the Romanian kitchen – BORS

Wheat bran, cornstarch,cherry leafs and lovage all prepared after an old recipe come together in the most appreciated ingredient in the Romanian cuisine. I don’t think there is a word in English for it, as it’s a local product, so this is the Romanian BORS.

What is actually? Some sour liquid that we put in all of our soups (except chicken noodle or dumpling soup). This is probably the main reason the cream soups are not so popular in Romania. We like our sour soups that you will never see anywhere else. So definetely if you come visit Romania, you need to try our local bors soup.

Here are some samples of bors


ready made


And the final product


5 thoughts on “The thing in the Romanian kitchen – BORS

  1. I’ve got a big smile on my face as I’m reading your post. Your bors is what we, in Poland, call zakwas, fermented flour that we use to make our traditional rustic soup, zurek. Very glad to have found your post as I’m about to make the Ciorba de Perisoare my friend used to make for me when I was still living in Vienna. She didn’t put bors in hers but a bit of tarragon vinegar (she was from Transsylvania, you know :)). What herbs do you put in yours? And do you add sour cream to it? Thanks.

    • awesome!
      I haven’t made ciorba de perisoare yet but in Romania the basic herbs we use are parsley, lovage and sometimes dill.
      in Transilvania they use a lot of sour cream and vinegar but in the rest of the country we use only bors
      hope it helps!
      nice blog you have! too bad I don’t understand anything:)

  2. Thanks so much for replying. Glad you like my website. You can always google translate my website if you want to catch a glimpse of Polish cooking. Good luck with your blog. There’s very little on the English internet about your fascinating country, especially cooking, so keep spreading the word. 🙂

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