Some thoughts

If you would ask any Romanian about his/her country, he/she would tell you that it sucks! The people aren’t civilised enough, corruption rules in politics, small wages everywere, gipsies and so on. Well, I would like to look at the full part of the glass.

Everything is relative so I think it is time to expose all the good staff in Romania. We have smart people, wealthy country, beautiful landscapes, wildlife is great, multiple posibilities of choice. Once an American asked me if we have electricity in Romania! Now I really feel that this blog will help the poor guys outthere to actually find out that we are not a third world country, don’t have terrorism, we have internet and is still not convinced, they could come visit!


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts

  1. wow, an optimist! maybe we should do a good cop/bad cop style of business when talking about what’s happening in this part of the world, so things can get a 360 degree view. of course, if different oppinions don’t upset you. so… link exchange?

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